What a great idea – did you know you can Rent-A-Granny? I saw this video clip today on (she’s all about reporting GOOD news!)

They sure have come up with a great idea in Poland. Make matches between older folks who don’t have family and young families who don’t have extended family living nearby. Anyone who yearns for connection and family will love this story.

Hmmm…just imagine if you could Rent-A-Mom as well when you needed one!

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Heaven is….

Getting the royal & loving treatment (like a foot massage!) from your daughter, because she can see how stressed and exhausted you are.

PS: While you’re here NOMINATE a Mom – We’ll send her an email telling her you did and we know from our feedback that she will absolutely LOVE IT that you took the time and thought to honor her for her most important job.

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Vote for All Moms Go To Heaven!

If anyone were to ask – I would be the first to tell you that one of the hardest things about being a mom is juggling career and kids – kids and career. It is a major ‘All Moms Go To Heaven’ thing for most of the moms I know.

And I guess lots of other moms feel the same since record numbers of new entrepreneurs just so happen to be MOMs.

So we’ve entered into a contest being hosted by the Sloan Brothers at – obviously they really appreciate Moms!

We would be so grateful for your support – Please click this link below to vote for us!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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Military Moms


Recently, I have met one mom after another who
has told me: ‘My son felt the call to join the military…’ (Silence).
While these moms are so proud…they are also VERY concerned and worried. And I know I cannot imagine all that is going on inside their minds.
So when one of these mom’s suggested that she would love to wear a cap that showed she was the proud mom of a child in the military – with the All Moms Go To Heaven logo – we thought that was a great idea!
Here are 2 new caps just for Military Moms. These are 6-panel garment washed low-profile camouflage caps, embroidered with our signature heart and then our logo in Swarovski Rhinestones. You can also get these personalized, and they are just $30 each!
Thanks to all of our troupes who protect us each and everyday…and their amazing Moms!
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Moms in the White House

Wow, the 2008 US Presidential Election will not be one that is forgotten…ever. First Hilary was a contender for President, and now Sarah Palin for Vice President – both MOMS. No matter what happens, this is huge for our great nation. While I certainly don’t feel that gender has anything to do with ability to run our country, I know that with every election year each of us are taking a chance when we choose the person we feel most confident to take care of us. How do we really know who is best, how things will unfold? With this 2008 election and the possibility of having a mom in office, we will start to have more opportunities to make strides regarding family and social issues (and maybe even more appreciation!) that will help all of our moms.


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Sometimes Mom’s Just Gotta Vent

I can’t remember the last time I was in a grocery store, at the mall, the theatre, the parking lot at my daughter’s elementary school…or any public venue really when I did not hear a mom ‘doing the mom thing’ (translation: giving the kids the look, the voice, or both!). If you’re a mom you know what I’m talking about!

So while we love our kids and would never trade them for all the peace and quiet in the world – sometimes you just gotta vent – without anyone hearing what you really are thinking. So today when I found “Anonymous Mom” – a website where you can vent anonymously – I had to share. Visit, and vent your heart out!

Sometime’s I think just knowing that you’re not the only one having those frustrations & thoughts is enough to make things OK.

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All Moms Go To Heaven featured on UpTownLiz

What an honor! Ramona Russell of featured All Moms Go To Heaven in her Mother’s Day shopping newsletter. is the online guide for people who want to shop and give back to their favorite causes at the same time – a.k.a. Retail Philanthropy.

Ramona Russell is an amazing and inspiring woman. She started UpTownLiz in honor of her sister, who died of breast cancer at the age of 28. Talk about showing your Love & Appreciation for someone you love. You can find her story here.

At, you’ll find a website where you can shop by Cause or by Product. You’ll find a long list of causes including Cancer, Special Needs Children, Women’s Empowerment – and also a long list of products including tees, men’s clothing, & jewelry. I love this concept – so if shopping for a cause is your thing, you’ll want to visit this awesome site.

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