All Moms Go To Heaven featured on UpTownLiz

What an honor! Ramona Russell of featured All Moms Go To Heaven in her Mother’s Day shopping newsletter. is the online guide for people who want to shop and give back to their favorite causes at the same time – a.k.a. Retail Philanthropy.

Ramona Russell is an amazing and inspiring woman. She started UpTownLiz in honor of her sister, who died of breast cancer at the age of 28. Talk about showing your Love & Appreciation for someone you love. You can find her story here.

At, you’ll find a website where you can shop by Cause or by Product. You’ll find a long list of causes including Cancer, Special Needs Children, Women’s Empowerment – and also a long list of products including tees, men’s clothing, & jewelry. I love this concept – so if shopping for a cause is your thing, you’ll want to visit this awesome site.

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