Men and Moms

When you start a business called All Moms Go To Heaven, you hear it all (like it or not!). I have heard so many stories about awesome moms, horrible moms, and everything in between. Moms are not perfect, just like everyone else – so I will fill you in on what I have learned a little later.

But in the meantime I have to share what has been a really big surprise to me.

Men – overall – are very much in admiration of Moms. Did you know that? You know how men just put their heads down, and act like they don’t notice what’s going on, and never TALK about what’s going on. Well, they do notice!

For example, here are two men who are writing books about moms – Check out Gregory E. Lang, a New York Times best-selling author here: He is looking for stories about Mother-Daughter relationships – maybe you can share your story!

Then there is Dean Hughes who wrote a book titled “All Moms Go To Heaven”(great mind think alike!) about the summer he spent being a mom. It’s quite funny, especially since he had looked forward to this summer as a vacation from “work”. You can find his book here:

So the moral of this post is – Men think Moms are awesome (and they don’t want the job for themselves!).

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi Jean:Thanks so much for the comment! Have a wonderful day.

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