Moms on Trial

Today when I went online, there on my MSN home page ‘A-List Searches’ category was the story of Treffly Coyne, of Tinley Park, Ill.,who was arrested and is now on trial for leaving a sleeping child in her car while she stepped 10 yards away – while helping another child put money into the Salvation Army’s Christmas bucket. If convicted of a crime she could spend a year in jail. The title of the story on the MSN page was “When a mom messes up, we flock to the internet to get the details”.

I get so upset when I hear stories like this – it’s one of the reasons why I started All Moms Go To Heaven.

Of course, there are plenty of situations, and also women who are probably not doing a good job of being a mom. But I know for sure that the majority of women are great moms, even though they are not perfect. And no one seems to even notice.

I remember when my daughter was a baby she would not ever take a nap unless I put her in the car, and drove her around for 15 minutes or so. And after she was sound asleep in the car there was not a chance in the world that I would risk waking her by taking her out of the car. So I would pull into the garage – and leave her in the car (in my garage – which was next to the kitchen), and I would cover her with blankets, and just leave her there until she woke up.

I remember feeling a little guilty like I was doing something wrong. But the alternative was a baby who was literally a wreck, exhausted if she did not have a nap. What’s a mom to do? Many times, when you are a mom – it doesn’t matter what you do…it’s never perfect and someone is unhappy with your actions.

Personally, I do not think Treffly Coyne did anything wrong at all – in fact, teaching her child to give to a charity is what an awesome mom does!

You can read more about this story here:

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2 Responses to Moms on Trial

  1. Greg says:

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  2. Josh says:

    Treffly Coyne lost her lawsuit against the Crestwood Police Department in September 2010. The jury vindicated the officers who arrested her when they determined that the police had “probable cause” to arrest her for child endangerment.

    If Treffly had gone to trial when this first happened she would probably have been convicted of child endangerment.

    It was her husbands vigorous defense of her reputation that led prosecutors to drop the case in 2008.

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