Work At Home Moms Deserve a Shout Out!

At All Moms Go To Heaven we really do think all moms deserve more appreciation…just think of all the things moms do every day! Moms wear so many hats and the creativity it takes to pull it all together day in and out is truly amazing.

We’ve noticed a big trend in recent years – a new hat many moms are wearing. It is the Work At Home Mom (WAHM) hat, and many moms are joining the ranks in an attempt to have both a career and be a mom that is actually at home and available for her kids. It sounds like a dream come true – and it is in so many ways. But it’s not easy to juggle – and can be downright overwhelming and sometimes even lonely.

So if you’re been thinking about wearing the WAHM hat you’ll want to check out this great site that is full of resources, inspiration, and encouragement, the Work-at-Home-Mom Spot.

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