Mom Always Knows


I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to my kids I always “know” exactly what is going on – inside their head, and all around them. If they are happy, sad, up to mischief, overwhelmed, proud, bored, excited, scared, feeling left out, feeling confident – It doesn’t matter – I just always Know. It’s called Mothers Intuition.

Just this weekend, my intuition told me to double check that my 10 year old daughter had her seatbelt fastened securely – and moments later we were rear-ended. The there was the night when my son was 15, I woke at 3 in the morning – and my intuition told me to check on Jeff. When I went into his room he was not there…as I looked upstairs and downstairs I realized he was GONE – my intuition told me he slipped out with friends after I had gone to bed, and I was right! Time and time again my Mothers Intuition has helped me to protect my kids.

But it also tell us much more.

Last night, we celebrated my son’s 20th birthday. My daughter and I made a special dinner, decorated the house with signs and lots of memorabilia from his childhood. We had the whole party mood set just for him. And when he walked in the door to our surprise – he had a smile on his face and I could tell he felt happy we were making a fuss over him. But behind his smile – I could feel that something was not quite right. Of course he would not ever tell me what is wrong – But I know anyway, because I am his mom. And there are some things that our Mothers Intuition cannot protect our kids from.

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